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Using nicotine pouches
December 10, 2022
What is Snus? Frequently Asked Questions

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Snus. Effect nicotine pouches
October 25, 2022
Snus effect

The effect of snus can be compared to the effects of smoking. However, many users find these effects to...

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Is snus haram
October 05, 2022
Is snus Haram?

According to the laws of Sharia Are nicotine pouches haram? However, snus containing tobacco is prohibited. This is one...

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Ultimate nic pouch snus guide
September 29, 2022
Ultimate snus and nicotine pouch guide 2022

Nicotine pouches are almost indispensable these days. However, due to the rapid growth in popularity, government authorities are vigilant...

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Best Nicotine Pouch brands of 2022 - Alpha Pouch
July 27, 2022
Best Nicotine Pouch brands of 2022

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Wat zijn Nicotinepouches? - Alpha Pouch
June 21, 2022
What is snus

Nicotine pouches originated in Sweden and France in the 16th century as snus. Originally, snus was used by…

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