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Is snus haram

Is snus Haram?


Are snus and Nicotine pouches Haram? 

According to the laws of Sharia Are nicotine pouches haram? However, snus containing tobacco is prohibited. This is one of the reasons why nicotine pouches are so popular as an alternative to tobacco among the Muslim population. Read on to discover why.


Nicotine pouches not Haram

Nicotine pouches do not harm health. However, they are addictive. Why not Haram do you think? Nicotine pouches are the perfect tool to quit dangerous tobacco products. In the long term you can reduce your addiction with nicotine pouches and switch to nicotinevrije pouches and then stop completely. Nicotine pouches are not the same as snus. They do not contain tobacco. Plant material only.

Why then is snus Haram? According to Sharia Laws of Islam, any act or use of any product that harms you is Haram. Alcohol is harmful to your mind and health, hence Haram. Smoking is harmful to your body and lungs, and therefore Haram. Swedish snus contains harmful tobacco and is therefore not allowed.

So why is traditional snus banned? 

When snus is so much better than cigarettes. Then why is it Haram? Snus is not completely risk-free. The tobacco in snus contains harmful chemicals. And snus itself is quite addictive.

The conclusion is that nicotine pouches the least harmful way are to use nicotine. And while they are not completely free of danger, it is a wise choice, as a smoker, to reduce your nicotine use and live in line with Sharia laws.


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