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What is snus


What are snus and nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches originated in Sweden and France in the 16th century as snus. Originally, snus was used by the nobility as a remedy for migraines. Over the years, the drug has become increasingly popular as a smoke-free alternative to tobacco. Especially in Sweden, snus is very popular in a social environment to this day. The smoking ban has been in place in Sweden, Norway and Finland for much longer than elsewhere in Europe, so a smoke-free alternative was needed much earlier. Consequently, snus has had time to shed its stigma over the years and gain social acceptance.

In Europe in 1992 there was a general ban on snus. Not because of its addictive or carcinogenic properties. After all, snus is much less harmful than cigarettes. Snus fell into oblivion until the Swedish snus industry came up with a legal alternative: All-white snus, or Nicotine pouches.

Unlike snus, which contains pasteurized tobacco, Nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco and related harmful substances. Nicotine pouches consist of a paper casing, a plant-based filler, flavorings and a free form of nicotine.

Nicotine pouches are used in the same way as snus. You hold them between your lip and gums. Unlike cigarettes, they provide a controlled sustained release of nicotine that lasts 20 to 45 minutes. After use, do not throw away the pouch, but deposit it in the compartment provided in the nicotine can. Nicotine pouches are very discreet, reliable, safe to use and a much less harmful way to use your nicotine than cigarettes, cigars, tobacco snus and even vaping.

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