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What is Snus? Frequently Asked Questions


More and more people stop smoking thanks to a new aid: tobacco-free snus or nicotine bags. Before you plunge into the world of snus, it is advisable to inform yourself. In 2022, a huge range of products, flavors and strengths will be available. Although tastes differ, it is important not to start with high strengths. Your local legislation is also important because nicotine pouches/ snus are not freely available everywhere. Let us answer your most important questions in advance.



What is snus?


What is called snus today is in fact a different kind of product. Real snus is a traditional product of Sweden, and contains tobacco. The snus that you can buy today in newsagents and web shops are nicotine pouches or nicotine bags. A tobacco-free alternative.

Tobacco-free snus consists of a soft paper bag filled with plant cellulose, flavourings, preservatives and a free form of nicotine. Each manufacturer uses its own variant of nicotine to create its own taste experience. Synthetic nicotine and Salt nicotine are the most commonly used variants.



Is snus drugs?


The definition of a drug differs from country to country. Snus contains the chemical nicotine, which is legal almost everywhere in the world in the form of cigarettes, tobacco, cigars, vapes… In Belgium and most of Europe, tobacco-free snus is currently covered by the “Similar products” standard similar to cigarettes. This means that they are freely available in the trade. But there is an advertising ban and the products are only available to adults. 

Because tobacco-free snus is a recent phenomenon on the market, the legislation on this may differ from country to country. Always check your local tobacco-free snus legislation before buying or ordering snus over the internet.



What does snus do to you?


Similar to cigarettes, vapes or shishas, snus acts on a number of nicotinic receptors in the brain. When used, these receptors are stimulated, releasing a large number of neurotransmitters. The most important of these are dopamine and serotonin. In practice, this means that using these products gives you a pleasant feeling. Your focus is increased and you feel active and stimulated. At the same time you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Because tobacco-free snus, like any nicotine product, appeals to the reward center of your brain, the substance is very addictive. It is absolutely not recommended to use snus or nicotine pouches if you do not use nicotine yet. Nicotine is addictive after a few days of use, and its use is only recommended to stop smoking.



Is snus bad for you?


Obviously it is better not to use tobacco-free snus at all. If harm-reduction method however, snus is one proven way to use nicotine as harmlessly as possible. Tobacco-free snus is many times less harmful to health than smoking. Its use can, if justified, be compared to the use of nicotine patches. (Link)



Is snus bad for your gums?


Nicotine is naturally alkaline. The acidity of nicotine causes it to have an effect on the gums. When used responsibly, the gums have time to recover. With too frequent use, or with too high nicotine strengths, the gums can become irritated. Adjust your use, or take a break for a few days, and your gums will heal in no time.

In rare cases, allergic reactions may occur. In this case, you should stop using it immediately and contact your doctor.



Side effects of snus?


Irresponsible use of nicotine can cause a number of side effects. The heart rate accelerates, your blood pressure increases and you may feel nauseated and dizzy. These side effects are short-lived and disappear on their own after a few minutes. 

As a novice user it is best to start with a light snus. Tobacco-free snus above 50 milligrams is absolutely not recommended. These strengths are bad for your gums, and push up your nicotine tolerance enormously. Most users will never need a snus above 20-35 milligrams per gram to quit smoking.



What's the best snus for me?


This depends on a number of factors. Are you a novice user, are you looking for one normal get well soon? Or are you looking for a strong product? Tobacco-free snus comes in a wide range of flavors and strengths. Of the common currency variants, via bold fruit flavors such as pitaya to special flavor combinations such as Chili Pepper Lime.

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