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ACE is a new range by Danish manufacturer Ministry Of Snus. A young, hip and high-quality brand that dares to give existing flavors a modern new touch.

What is ACE?

ACE products are produced by the Danish firm 'Ministry Of Snus'. All products are developed through a unique process; feedback from their customers. This feedback is filtered and selected and the result is products such as Superwhite Green Lemon, or Superwhite Eucalyptus. What will your next flavor be?

You can expect quality products from ACE. With only essential ingredients, so no unnecessary additives or preservatives. In addition, 100% tobacco-free and therefore free of harmful substances, so that your teeth remain white. The stylish and recycled cans are a nice extra.

The best flavors of ACE?

ACE pouches have a strong focus on strong mint flavours. Ranging from spleen to extremely strong. Our favorites are Eucalyptus, which brings a whole new dimension of freshness and flavor to the table. And Green Lemon, a refreshing sweet and sour citrus punch.

How strong are ACE pouches?

ACE comes in a range of strengths. These are generally on the heavier side, and therefore recommended for experienced users. Or users who are trying to switch from a heavy tobacco addiction to a less harmful alternative.



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