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Empire of Snus

Empire of Snus is a relatively young company from Switzerland that presents itself with an uncompromising business philosophy. They offer ultra-premium nicotine pouches in metal cans, using only the best ingredients. They are the first Snus company to manufacture nicotine pouches according to European regulations.

The metal snus tins are reusable. This is an ecologically responsible choice that also reduces costs for you, the consumer. We sell refill packs with EOS nicotine bags so that you can always use your favorite box. Affordable, and with a heart for nature.

The pouches themselves are of excellent quality. EOS, unlike many competitors, only uses natural flavors in its pouches. Authentic organic mint and fruit pieces instead of synthetic flavourings.

EOS's main selling point, however, is its revolutionary nicotine formula. This ensures that EOS pouches release their nicotine in different phases. This provides a regulated, sustained release. This allows you to use them for more than an hour without losing strength or taste. No other manufacturer can match this useful life.

Like EOS, do you not compromise, and do you only want the very best? Then buy Empire of Snus!


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