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LOOP, a new tobacco-free nicotine pouch, conceived and developed by the Danish 'Another Snus Company

LOOP offers a number of special flavours. In addition to the well-known fruit and mint flavours, you will also find Jalapeno Lime. A fusion of spicy peppers and lime. What a rush! 

LOOP products are generally on the stronger side and are therefore more intended for the more experienced user. Products such as Salty Ludacris, for example, are for the novice user.

What makes LOOP unique from the competition?

All LOOP products from Another Snus Factory are sold in a unique 'Plantcan'. Designed for perfect ergonomics in pocket or hand. In addition, it is also the first 100% carbon neutral snus can. Completely made of plastic extracted from deciduous tree oil.

The bags themselves are made with Instant Rush Technology. The pouches give an extra fast nicotine kick and also guarantee a long-lasting release.


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