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If you're looking for a masterful quality pouch with a great buzz and industry-breaking mint flavours. Is SCREW almost always the best choice.

In 2002, the insignificant Swedish province of Smâland was put on the map when founding fathers Adam and Jones founded SKRUF. Today SKRUF is the second largest snus manufacturer in Sweden. 

SKRUF's overwhelming success can be traced back to the high quality of their raw materials, their sensational flavours. But especially their secret ingredient; Rose oil. SKRUF pouches are infused with rose oil. This technique is used for their original tobacco snus, and their all-white nic pouches. This is SKRUF's trademark; Use tradition and innovate with modern techniques for an unparalleled product. 

SKRUF nicotine pouches are premium products made from natural plant materials. Their pouches are on the strong side, and with the exception of the SUPERWHITE #2 and #3 range, for the more experienced user.

What are the best flavors of SKRUF?

SKRUF offers a wide variety of mint flavours. Some fruity, with licorice undertones and others a heavy mint menthol kick. SKRUF regularly releases new flavors and limited editions. So keep an eye on their range or subscribe to our newsletter.

Who is SKRUF for?

At SKRUF you can choose from lighter and heavier pouches. However, the emphasis is on the more experienced user. If you like mint and menthol, choose SKRUF. The strongest product at the moment is the SKRUF White Fresh Max #6 with an amazing 23mg per sachet. Try it if you dare.



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