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VELO, the major player.

From 2022, LYFT will become VELO. All LYFT products are gradually adapted. So you may get a can of VELO when you order LYFT. However, the product is exactly the same. Only the design and name change.

VELO is developed by 'British American Tobacco'. All VELO products are 100% tobacco-free. They are produced with Scandinavian deciduous and eucalyptus trees. Because little transport is required for manufacturing, VELO has a relatively small ecological footprint.

Dear Customer. When you order LYFT, know that you are ordering the latest products from the LYFT line available on the market. Because these are older products, it is possible that the best before date has been exceeded. However, these products are still perfectly usable. Once the expiration date has expired, the pouches only become a bit drier. They do not lose in flavor or potency. If you want to be sure of a product with a recent best before date, order the new VELO pouches.


Due to its wide range of flavours, strengths and formats, VELO is one of our favorites at Alpha Pouch. Are you a licorice lover, mint or sweet tooth. It is literally impossible not to find your taste at VELO.
What are the best flavors of VELO?
Caribbean spirit is a favorite of our users. A balanced fusion of coconut, mandarin and pina colada. Complete with sun, beach, a hammock and monkey butler.
Tokyo Zing is another crowd favorite. A bold combination of ginger with earthy, spicy undertones.
Who is VELO for?
In terms of taste, there is something for everyone. The nicotine strength of VELO is generally on the lighter side. So perfect for novice users or experienced users looking for a relaxed snus.




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