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Looking for an established brand with a good reputation and a wide range of creative flavours? Then you search XQS!

In addition to a traditional Swedish snus, XQS is also the first tobacco-free alternative that came on the market at the time. XQS is a premium manufacturer with a passion for eccentric flavours. Their bold flavor blends are proving very popular in a market dominated by mint and menthol. XQS pouches are soft and compact and work for up to an hour

What are the best flavors of XQS?

There is a plethora of funky flavors in the XQS range. From Fizzy Cola and Sour Cactus to Pipe Candy.

Tropical Limited Edition is a tropical fruit blend that will delight any fruit lover. And above that only available temporarily.


Who is XQS for?

Are you trying to quit smoking or vaping? Then XQS with its milder nocitine values might be something for you. You will also find strong and extra strong variants in their range. So there is something for everyone who wants to experiment with adventurous new flavors.



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