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Life is a Zafari

Zafari all-white was created by a group of Swedes who shared a passion for the outdoors and nature. She founded the company Zafari, based in Ramlösa, with the focus to make their product as environmentally friendly as possible. Their cans are manufactured with surplus oil from the paper industry. The pouches are made of paper and fibers of local origin. Their flavors are inspiring, fresh and crafted with expertise and in-depth knowledge.


What are the best flavors of Zafari?

Each flavor of Zafari is formulated to elicit a specific experience from the user;

Desert Mint takes you from sun-drenched dunes to the icy Atlantic Ocean, with a fresh minty undertone.

Sunset mango transports you to a tropical beach with ripe mango fruits and coconuts.

Sauna Tar, on the other hand, brings smoky woody notes. A Scandinavian sauna in pouch format.


Who is Zafari for?

Any novice or experienced user looking for a normal strength snus and want to be inspired by a slightly different taste. Be inspired by Zafari's flavorscapes.


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