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ZYN is one of the best-known and longest-lived product lines in the industry. Designed by Swedish Match, ZYN is one of the best selling pouches on the market right now. You will find ZYN in a wide range of strengths, sizes and flavours. From classic mint, coffee and berries to violet flavour. Dry and wet portions, mini and slim formats. And new flavors are regularly introduced to the market. So check regularly whether you can find your new favorite.

What are ZYN's best flavors?

You won't be disappointed with ZYN's choices. from As, of Spearmint to more dynamic variants such as Ginger Blood Orange or summer favorites like Lemon Spritz of Bellini.

Do you prefer coffee? With a blend of mocha, nougat, vanilla and chocolate, ZYN Espresso irresistible.

Who is ZYN for?

In general ZYN can be described as strong and fast acting. There are also several milder variants in the shop. 


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